Finding your inner compass and embracing long-term thinking

The Power of Long-Term Investing: Patience and Value Selection

We all know Buffett.
Yet, few realize:
His wealth, 99%,
Came after 50.

Stock market’s “721” law:
70% lose,
20% break even,
Only 10% profit.

Why losses?
Chasing short-term gains.
Daily policy analysis,
Seeking insider news,
Aiming to buy low, sell high.
This isn’t investing; it’s speculating.

Buffett differs.
He doesn’t speculate;
He makes “value choices.”
Only assessing a company’s future,
He thinks, “Good prospects,
Likely stock appreciation.”
Finding such companies,
He invests heavily,
Holds through downturns,
Believing, “Good businesses rebound.”

Thus, Buffett became wealthy.
He illustrated with the Dow:
1900 to 1999,
65.73 to 11,497.12 points,
A 176-fold increase.
Yet, annual growth just 5.3%.
Many could achieve this,
But they seek higher, quicker gains.

Asked by Bezos,
“Why not copy your simple method?”
Buffett: “No one wants to get rich slow.
An era of impatience:
Half bestsellers promise quick fixes.
Top online courses,
Quick mastery, fast riches.
Ads everywhere promise rapid success.
Everyone seeks shortcuts to fame, wealth.

Yet, the world’s irony:
Shortcuts lead to longer paths,
Speculation to traps.
The truly successful,
Are long-term thinkers.

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