‘Green Detox Day’ for Radiant Health and Beauty

Refresh and Revitalize with Nature’s Best


Step into a world of serene wellness with our ‘Green Detox Day’ collection, thoughtfully chosen for those who cherish purity and rejuvenation in their beauty ritual.

Begin your sensory journey with Replica’s ‘Bubble Bath’ fragrance by Maison Margiela. Its clean, comforting notes are reminiscent of a serene, sud-filled soak that washes away the stress of the day.

Revive and protect your skin with the powerful antioxidant fusion found in Skinceuticals C E Ferulic. Its blend of vitamins and ferulic acid brightens and firms, giving you a visibly ageless glow.

Deep cleanse and refresh your complexion with Farmacy’s cleanser, where the natural exfoliating properties of moringa and papaya leave your skin soft and clear.

For lips in need of TLC, reach for Summer Fridays’ Lip Butter Balm, delivering a burst of hydration with a shiny finish for a healthy, alluring pout.

Nighttime is healing time with Dr. Jart+ Cicapair’s Sleepair Intensive Night Mask. Its calming formula works as you rest, reducing redness and restoring your skin’s delicate balance.

Energize your skincare regimen with Youth to the People’s Superfood Cleanser, packed with the goodness of greens to detoxify and nourish your face with every wash.

Keep your lips ready for the day’s challenges and charms with the hydrating touch of Glossier’s lip balm, an essential for maintaining a smooth, moisturized smile.

Complete your skincare with the trusted, dermatologist-recommended CeraVe products, which keep your skin barrier strong and hydration locked in.

And don’t forget to treat your inner self with the refreshing blend of the Green Detox Smoothie. The recipe featured in the corner of our green-themed canvas is more than a drink—it’s a liquid infusion of health. Packed with leafy greens, crisp apples, and refreshing cucumber, this smoothie is your daily ritual to cleanse, energize, and align your body with nature’s finest.

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