Queen Bee’s Irresistible Must-Haves

From Flawless Beauty Picks to Lifestyle Essentials, These Are the Items Guaranteed to Turn Heads and Win Hearts.

must have queen bee

Glossier’s eyebrow gel has an excellent setting effect. It really can brush out distinct and natural-looking brows. It comes in black, brown, and clear shades. I prefer the clear, transparent one.

Rare Beauty’s liquid blush. I missed out on the popular shades, but Bliss is also nice. It’s very soft and girly, suitable for spring and summer.

Rhode’s lip balm smells really good, not artificial at all. And it’s indeed quite moisturizing! I bought all the shades of lip color.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream body lotion. I bought it with a try-it-out attitude and didn’t expect the experience to be so good! First of all, it smells delicious, like sweet cookies, not greasy at all, and the scent lasts a long time. Moreover, it’s really moisturizing. A must for dry skin.

Kosas’s concealer. I bought it because it’s a clean beauty product. It’s natural ingredients are moisturizing under the eyes without settling into lines. However, the coverage is average, suitable for no-makeup makeup and everyday looks.

Influencer water bottles, Stanley and Hydro Flask. It’s hard to choose between the two. I prefer to carry Hydro Flask when I go out, and lean towards using Stanley at home. A good-looking water bottle really does encourage you to drink more water. 💦

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