Better Sleep Secrets: Supplements, Meditation, & Essential Oils

Unlocking the Door to Dreamland: A Holistic Approach to Enhanced Sleep Quality

My quest for better sleep has been a challenging one, marred by vivid dreams and a hypersensitivity to noise. When worries or thoughts take hold, my sleep suffers—either in difficulty falling asleep or waking up prematurely. However, my recent foray into marathon TV watching sessions, despite pushing my bedtime later, has surprisingly enhanced my sleep quality. This improvement stems from four key practices.

Scalp Massage with a Meridian Massage Comb: I discovered an affordable, lightweight meridian massage comb that’s been a game-changer for my nightly routine. Its smooth, rounded shape with wide, thick teeth allows for a gentle scalp massage without pulling the hair. Every night, I comb my hair 100 times, focusing on the temporal regions and the back of my head down to the neck. This not only relieves pain and tension but also warms and relaxes my scalp, leading to a sounder sleep.

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Utilizing Sleep-aid Essential Oil: Sleep-aid essential oil (Saje) A Canadian favorite, Saje’s “Sleep Well” essential oil blend, has become a staple in my bedtime routine. Composed of 100% plant-based oils like Lavender, Orange, and Roman Chamomile, it promotes relaxation and deep sleep. I apply a few drops to the back of my feet, wrists, and neck before bed, enveloping myself in its soothing aroma. The enhanced sleep quality I’ve experienced is undeniable.

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Incorporating Life Space Probiotic: The link between gut health and emotional well-being led me to incorporate Life Space Probiotic into my daily regimen. This probiotic blend, enriched with saffron extract, magnesium, and vitamin B6, has significantly improved my sleep by reducing anxiety and tension. Having noticed these benefits after consuming half a bottle, I’m eager to observe its long-term effects.

By the way, I should mention that when I was pregnant, I took a version designed for pregnant women, which was particularly effective for bloating. I highly recommend it, as it can also help expectant mothers sleep more comfortably.

Embracing the Comfort of a Weighted Blanket A weighted blanket has been integral to my improved sleep quality. Mimicking the comforting pressure of a hug, it promotes relaxation and well-being by adjusting serotonin and melatonin levels and reducing cortisol. This simple, natural solution has allowed me to fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper rest.

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Meditating for Mindfulness and Relaxation While the benefits of meditation are well-documented, I’ve found particular solace in the YouTube channel ParadiseTonight. Their short, sleep-aid meditations have significantly calmed my mind, enabling me to fall asleep quicker.

I’ve also learned that the right lighting can vastly improve sleep quality. For more details, you might find my blog post about lamps enlightening.

These practices have profoundly impacted my sleep quality, with scalp massage showing immediate benefits. By integrating essential oils, probiotics, and meditation into my routine, I’ve achieved deeper, more restful sleep.

I share these insights in hopes of helping others find their path to good sleep.

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