The Best Easter Picture Books for Toddlers Around 3 Years Old in 2024

Discover Engaging Stories and Colorful Illustrations Perfect for Springtime Reading Adventures

As we look forward to Easter in 2024, many parents and caregivers are on the lookout for enchanting picture books tailored for toddlers around 3 years old. Here, I’ve put together a selection of standout Easter picture books that I personally adore. Alongside each recommendation, I’ve included insights on why I believe these books are exceptional and how they cater to the developmental stages of toddlers. This guide is designed to help you pick out books that not only celebrate the spirit of Easter but also engage and delight your little one.

While I’ve focused on books ideal for 3-year-olds, remember that each child is unique. Feel free to explore beyond this list, selecting books that you feel will capture the imagination and interest of your toddler.

“All Along The River” tells the story of a little rabbit named Bunny who loses her beloved yellow duck toy. To find it, she and her two friends hop on a boat and travel downstream. Along the way, they pass through 11 different scenes and meet 13 different companions. They enjoy views of European castles, fairy-tale towns, tulip fields, and more.

“Welcome Home, Beaver!” is about a beaver who suddenly can’t find his way home during an adventure. He encounters an Akita dog riding in a hot air balloon, who accompanies him in searching through the homes of various animals: polar bears, foxes, bees, hermit crabs, weaver birds… The diverse nests of these animals are truly an eye-opener!

The story of “Happy Easter, Mouse!” is quite simple. It tells about the little mouse who decorates many Easter eggs on the eve of Easter and places them all in a basket. However, when he wakes up in the morning, he finds a yellow Easter egg in his blanket, and then he finds other eggs in the cupboard, on the rocking chair, and on the sofa and table.

Throughout the search, the little mouse keeps asking, who could have hidden the Easter eggs in these places?

So, who could it be? This leaves us with a mystery. Parents and children, come and read this picture book together to find the answer!

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