Boracay Travel Guide: Departing from Manila

Where did I go during the Labor Day holiday weeks?

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Airport and Transfer Information
Departing from Terminal 1 of Manila International Airport, the most convenient way to reach Boracay is to fly to Caticlan Airport. This small airport allows you to quickly collect your luggage and start your journey. Outside the airport, you can easily find Toyota or Nissan vans, charging 100 Philippine Pesos per person, with children traveling for free. These vehicles will take you directly to the ferry terminal. If you prefer a more interesting mode of transport, electric tricycles (tuk-tuk) are also available for about 150 Philippine Pesos.

Ferry Terminal Procedures
At the terminal, the ticketing process can be a bit complex. Solo travelers should go to the windows at the front left of the hall and follow the steps as directed. Travelers with a Philippine student card can enjoy a 20% discount. After completing all procedures and collecting your tickets and receipts, proceed to the designated window to pay various fees (specific fees are not detailed here). Once you have all your documents, head to the specified area where staff will issue a card with the ship’s name and your seat number. Then, you simply wait to board and begin your journey to Boracay.

Arrival in Boracay and Accommodation
Upon arrival in Boracay, common transportation options to your hotel include taking a tuk-tuk or pre-arranging hotel transfers. Whether you’re headed to S1, S2, or S3, the tuk-tuk fare is around 200 Philippine Pesos, and these vehicles typically accommodate 6-8 people. We chose the Movenpick Hotel located in S0, sharing the ride with other guests for a cost of 350 Philippine Pesos.

Movenpick Hotel Experience
The Movenpick Hotel is situated in the northern mountainous area of Boracay, close to the famous Shangri-La Hotel. It takes about half an hour by car to reach the bustling S2 Dmall, making it a great choice for those who prefer to relax within the hotel premises.

  • Dining Services: The hotel offers a rich breakfast buffet, especially abundant in baked goods. Every afternoon from 3 to 4 PM, the hotel provides a free chocolate high tea, which includes various small cakes and a chocolate fountain, highly popular among children.
  • Rooms and Services: The hotel prioritizes guest privacy and offers clean, spacious rooms. The staff are friendly and warmly welcome every guest, especially children. The hotel is also equipped with an emergency clinic to handle minor accidents.
  • Leisure Facilities: The hotel has multi-level large swimming pools and a private beach. Although not as fine as the S1 beach, it wins in tranquility and privacy. Additionally, while water sports are priced higher, the service and experience are of excellent quality.
  • Tips: The hotel offers a free shuttle service to S2 Dmall, but with limited schedules, so it’s advised to check the times in advance.

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AUHANA Hotel Experience
For the following two days, our accommodation choice was the AUHANA Hotel in S3. This place feels more like a large villa community than a hotel. The hotel uses a personal butler management style, offering spacious areas and top-notch services.

  • Facilities and Services: The hotel amenities are very comprehensive, including free sightseeing cars that provide transportation to any location within the hotel grounds. The staff are enthusiastic and attentive to details, for instance, providing you with a towel while you relax on a beach chair.
  • Dining Experience: The breakfast buffet offers a wide variety of choices to suit different tastes. Additionally, guests can enjoy a 20% discount on spa services at the hotel, which are more affordable than external services.
  • Private Beach: The hotel boasts a private beach, which is largely unaffected by the seasonal algae problems seen in S2, offering cleaner and more private beach experiences.
  • Tips: Despite the hotel’s remote location, the free sightseeing car service ensures hassle-free travel, allowing you to explore other areas of Boracay at any time.

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Reflecting on this trip, I personally believe the S0 area is the best due to its clearer waters, although it is also the most expensive. S3 is second best, while S1 and S2 are recommended for those who prefer lively environments. Regardless, Boracay is a beautiful destination worth visiting multiple times.

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